Introducing inTech Trailers at Trailers of the East Coast: A Partnership of Excellence

Exciting news from Trailers of the East Coast! We're delighted to announce our partnership with inTech, one of the top trailer manufacturers in all of America. This collaboration will significantly expand our inventory, enabling us to stock inTech's full range of motorsports, fiber, industrial, and custom trailers. These additions highlight our ongoing dedication to providing versatile, high-quality trailer solutions, perfect for a range of activities – whether it's transporting your racing vehicles with ease or creating a mobile, high-tech workspace for fiber optic splicing projects.

Learn more about why we’re so happy to be partnering with inTech and their trailer lines we now stock below.

Why inTech is the ideal partner for Trailers of the East Coast

inTech adds diversity to our line of quality products, reinforcing our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality. Additionally, inTech trailers are renowned for their industry-leading standards, making them a perfect match for us. Here's why:

All-aluminum trailers

inTech stands apart in the trailer industry with its exclusive all-aluminum construction. Every trailer offers a lightweight strength, made entirely from aluminum tube extrusions. This approach ensures durability and results in a longer-lasting, corrosion-resistant trailer. For customers who value longevity and performance, inTech's unique aluminum trailers are a fantastic option.

intech aluminum trailer

Detailed designs

At inTech, quality begins right from the design phase. Their detail-oriented construction approach ensures that each trailer offers an incredible fit, finish, and attention to detail. This flawless craftsmanship makes inTech the gold standard in trailer manufacturing, aligning nicely with our dedication to offering only the best to our customers.

Custom solutions

Understanding that every client has unique needs, inTech offers custom-engineered trailers. Each trailer is tailored specifically to your requirements, increasing efficiency. The inclusion of detailed print packs and 3D models in the planning stage allows you to visualize and refine your inTech trailer before production, so you know you’ll be satisfied with the final product.


Quality control

inTech's superior quality control process guarantees that each trailer meets the highest quality, safety, and finish standards. This meticulous approach to quality management has rapidly established inTech as a leader in the industry, known for its unparalleled product excellence.

Continuous innovation

inTech’s passion for product development drives them to keep evolving and improving – resulting in trailers that tend to exceed industry standards. With unique processes like anodizing trims and over 20 proprietary extrusions, inTech's trailers are true frontrunners in both aesthetics and performance.

intech inside

Customer experience

InTech's dedication to outstanding customer service aligns with Trailers of the East Coast's ethos of delivering exceptional support and satisfaction to our customers. This shared dedication to a customer-first approach makes inTech an ideal partner for us.

Learn more about “What sets our trailer purchasing process apart” in our previous blog.

The inTech trailers we’re now stocking

We’re delighted to introduce two new trailer lines from inTech: the entire Motorsports line and the Fiber Splicing Trailers.

These inTech trailers represent a significant leap in design and functionality. The Motorsports Series, with its sleek build and dynamic handling, is perfect for the motorsports enthusiast, while the Fiber Splicing Trailers offer a fantastic workspace for telecommunications professionals.

Learn more about both inTech trailer lines below or see the full line of trailers we carry by visiting our InTech Trailers page.

intech motor black

Exploring inTech’s Motorsports Trailers

The Motorsports line from inTech offers a comprehensive range of trailers designed for the needs of motorsports enthusiasts.

Featuring all-aluminum construction and customizable options, these trailers are built to transport your vehicles in style. Here's an overview of the products within the Motorsports trailer series:

  • Lite Series: Designed for value and performance, the Lite Series offers a range of lightweight trailers ideal for hauling smaller recreational vehicles. With various configurations available, these trailers provide superior performance on every road trip.
  • Tag Trailers: These trailers offer unmatched quality and customization options, with sizes ranging from 6.5' to 8.5' wide and 10' to 34' long. Perfect for transporting a variety of vehicles and equipment, tag trailers from inTech are highly versatile and durable.
  • Gooseneck Trailers: Take your hauling capabilities to the next level with inTech’s Gooseneck Trailers. Crafted with durability and strength in mind, these trailers are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. 
  • Stacker Tag Trailers: Stacker tag trailers from inTech are designed to maximize space and efficiency. With lengths ranging from 18' to 34', these trailers are ideal for transporting multiple vehicles with ease.
intech tag motor

About inTech Motorsports Trailers

  • Lightweight, strong build: The all-aluminum construction of these trailers strikes the perfect balance between weight and strength. This design choice offers ease of towing while providing the durability needed to protect your valuable cargo.
  • Flexible configurations: Recognizing that different motorsport enthusiasts have different needs, these trailers are available in a variety of lengths and layouts. Whether you're transporting a single race car or multiple vehicles, there’s a configuration that fits your specific requirements.
  • Efficient production: inTech's state-of-the-art manufacturing process translates to shorter lead times for you without compromising on the quality of the final product. This efficiency means you get your custom trailer faster, so you can hit the road sooner with the confidence that your trailer is built to the highest standards.
  • Long-term reliability: These trailers come with a 5-year transferable structural warranty. This commitment to long-term reliability reflects inTech’s trust in their craftsmanship and gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected.
intech_white tag

Exploring inTech’s Fiber Splicing Trailers

These Fiber Splicing trailers offer a highly efficient, secure workspace, making them a valuable asset for fiber optic professionals. Durable construction and thoughtful interior design keep your equipment protected and your workflow efficient, no matter where the job takes you. 

  • Lasting build: The combination of an all-aluminum frame with a fiberglass exterior gives these trailers exceptional strength, making them a reliable companion for fieldwork over the long haul.
  • Customizable options: Understanding the demands of fiber optic splicing, these trailers are designed for customization. They offer a variety of layouts and storage solutions, allowing you to tailor the space to your specific operational needs. 
  • Size variety: Whether you need a compact unit for tight urban spaces or a larger trailer for extensive rural projects, there's a size option to fit your project scale and facilitate easy maneuverability.
  • Ergonomic work environment: Each trailer is designed with the comfort and efficiency of the technician in mind. The interiors are laid out to create an ergonomic workspace, minimizing physical strain and maximizing productivity during long hours of work.
  • Advanced safety features: These trailers are equipped with features like well-placed lighting, non-slip surfaces, and secure storage, protecting the safety of both the technicians and the equipment.

Special features:

  • Sturdy construction: The full perimeter aluminum frame and torsion axles ensure structural integrity.
  • Climate control: Air conditioning and heater maintain a comfortable internal environment.
  • Spacious interiors: Ample storage with laminate cabinets and a one-piece black coin flooring for practical usage.
  • Safety features: Advanced safety features, including electric brakes and insulated walls, offer peace of mind.
intact aluminum trailer

We’re Also Stocking Industrial Products from inTech

At Trailers of the East Coast, we're proud to stock a range of industrial products from inTech, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across the region. From mobile command centers to specialized hazmat units, our inventory offers custom solutions built to last the long haul. Here are just a few of the solutions inTech’s custom trailers can provide:

  • Stage Trailers: Transform any event or production with our versatile stage trailers, designed for seamless setup and maximum impact.
  • Mobile Command Centers: Stay connected and efficient with our state-of-the-art mobile command centers, equipped with advanced technology and customizable layouts.
  • Mobile Labs: Take your research on the road with inTech’s mobile lab trailers, featuring cutting-edge equipment and specialized configurations.
  • Mobile Medical Trailers: Deliver critical healthcare services wherever they're needed with inTech’s mobile medical trailers, stocked with essential amenities and industry-leading safety features.
  • Mobile Hazmat Units: Safely transport and manage hazardous materials with inTech’s specialized hazmat units, engineered for compliance and reliability.
  • Oil Rig & Drilling Support: Support your operations in the field with inTech’s rugged oil rig and drilling support trailers, designed to withstand harsh environments and heavy-duty use. {available via custom order only}

View the full range of trailers over on our inTech page to learn more about the incredible inTech products we’re now bringing to our customers!

intech industrial

Discover inTech trailers at Trailers of the East Coast

Interested in the inTech trailer lines or industrial trailers? Our team at Trailers of the East Coast is here to guide you. Visit us for a firsthand experience of inTech's superior trailers and find the perfect fit for your needs. Reach out to us today for more information or to arrange a viewing.