Hauling 101

The knowledge and confidence you need to successfully tow a trailer.


Know before you tow

Here are some great tips and reminders for safely towing a trailer.

1. Choose the right equipment

Having the right tool for the job is paramount in towing. The weight capacity of your vehicle and equipment must be enough to handle your trailer and cargo load.

The size of your hitch and other components is also key to ensuring a secure fit.

Towing Explanation
Hitch Your Trailer

2. Hitch up your trailer correctly

Before towing, make sure you have followed the proper procedures for hooking up your trailer. Double check all connections, including the coupler and wiring, and make sure your safety chains are crossed under the trailer tongue and securely connected.

3. Watch out for trailer sway

Crosswinds, large trucks, downhill grades, and high speeds can all lead to trailer sway. If you are not careful, your trailer can start swinging back and forth like a pendulum behind you. The best way to address this problem is with a hitch stabilization device.

If you experience trailer sway, you can also take your foot off the gas and manually apply the trailer brakes with a brake controller. Press the button once and your trailer should align with your tow vehicle.

Trailer Sway
Towing Terms

4. How will you be towing?

What kind of vehicle will you be driving? Will you be towing with a heavy-duty pickup truck or a small passenger car? Does your vehicle have a factory tow package, or will you need to install your own towing equipment? Each vehicle has different capacities, and each may require different equipment to tow safely and legally. *Use both diagrams attached in asset folder.

5. Prevent trailer theft

Trailer theft is a serious problem and is always unexpected. A trailer left unattended on its own or even coupled can easily be uncoupled and stolen while you are away. Always use a hitch lock to keep your trailer hitch secure and a coupler lock to keep your coupler protected against theft.


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