25K Gooseneck Equipment Trailer


EBY 25K Gooseneck Equipment Trailer for Sale

Looking for fuel efficiency coupled with low maintenance requirements? This trailer offers unparalleled transportation capabilities for large equipment. As a premier Gooseneck Trailer Dealer in North Carolina, we’re happy to help you determine if this is a good fit for your needs.

This heavy equipment transport trailer is comprised entirely of aluminum and weighs a ton less than many comparable spec’d steel trailers. Owners can trust this gooseneck to be as capable as it is efficient and lightweight.

Learn more about the available features and capabilities of the 25K Gooseneck Equipment Trailer. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

25K Gooseneck Equipment Trailer Features & Specifications

Widely regarded as a highly advanced equipment hauler, this gooseneck trailer offers exceptional transportation capabilities alongside many functional features.

19" extruded aluminum main beams

Pierced through cross-member design

Hutch spring suspension

10K axles

Electric brakes (Electric/Hydraulic disc and drum available)

50 / 50 Folding ramps with spring assist

5,000# Rated removable load securement plates

Tool Box

LED Lighting

Empty weight of between 5,856 and 7,140 lbs

20'+5', 25'+5', 30'+5', and new 35'+5' lengths (custom lengths available)

102" width

25,000 lb GVWR

Payload capacity of up to 19,135 lbs

Custom sizing and weight capacities

Electric winch

Loadable nose

Spare wheel and tire

Winch track

Sliding winch

Ratchet straps

Design and Construction of EBY 25K Gooseneck Equipment Trailer

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2,000 lbs lighter than steel trailers
Overall length of between 34’2-½” to 49’2-½”
Hutch spring suspension
19” main beams and heavy-duty 50/50 ramps

Benefits of Owning a 25K Gooseneck Trailer


More advanced than many other gooseneck trailers for sale


Built for hauling wide loads and heavy equipment


Heavy-duty flatbed for work on the job site, farm, or anywhere


Engineered and designed to last for decades


Capable of handling heavy loads, but still lightweight

eby 25k gooseneck trailer

EBY Brand | Expertly Meeting America’s Hauling Needs


EBY is a well-known equipment trailer manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. Businesses in all kinds of industries have long turned to them for help hauling loads that are heavy, complicated, or extra wide.

When you invest in an EBY trailer like this Gooseneck equipment hauler, you’re purchasing a model that will stand the test of time. Customize it to meet your unique needs and preferences, including weight capacity requirements.

To learn more about EBY and its products, contact our team. We’ll help you assess all of your options for equipment trailers.

25k gooseneck trailer

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Experience the EBY Trailers in Action

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