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Commercial & Experiential Trailers


Fiber Optic Trailers

ATC’s all-aluminum Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers are the perfect solution for efficient and safe mobile work spaces with custom options to meet your exact needs and specifications.  

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Mobile Office Trailers

ATC’s portable office trailers provide a convenient, cost-efficient solution whenever you need temporary space. A mobile office trailer can help your college, charity or business operate more efficiently. Perfect for job training and recruitment, product training, mobile headquarter, or onsite command center.

Stage Trailers

ATC’s mobile marketing trailers, also called stage or display trailers, allow you to enhance your company’s public presence and brand identity with event marketing. Mobile stages have been a staple of the outdoor event industry for decades. Whether you’re in need of a mobile, open-air concert venue, an outdoor vending-style configuration or anything that requires a great deal of space, our ATC stage trailers are exactly what you need.  Perfect for smaller events or venues, pop-up marketing, sampling events, demo tours, and outreach programs.

ATC vending trailer for food

Vending Trailers

 A vending trailer is the perfect mobile solution for showcasing your products on the road. With a concession door designed for serving, the ATC vending trailer is also perfect for the sale of food and merchandise. 

Gooseneck Shell Trailer

This trailer shell is a customizable solution for your unique commercial trailer needs. Designed to be configured to meet your needs, this gooseneck trailer is available in multiple lengths, providing you with ample space for work and hauling. 

commercial trailer gooseneck shell

Need a Fully Custom Trailer?

Every business and project is unique. If a standard or customized trailer will not work for your business needs, our team will help you build the right trailer from the ground up.

Talk to our Commercial Project Specialist, who will walk you through our proven 8-step Design Process.

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