Why Winterize: 5 Costly Damages to your Trailer or Motorhome

Why Winterize: 5 Costly Damages to your Trailer or Motorhome

Oh S#@! We don’t like the word snow either, but once it’s here, it’s too late. It’s not just the sight of snow, but the first frost and the first freezing temperatures of the season that send living quarters trailer and motorhome owners into a panic. Chances are that you have been warned in the past about winterizing your trailer or motorhome, but maybe you have decided to take the chance or tried to follow some of the winterization steps, but not all.

This season, we not only want to remind you to winterize, but we also want to tell you exactly what you’re up against if you choose NOT to winterize.
Here are the five most common and costly repairs that stem from not winterizing your trailer and motorhome properly:

  1. Busted water lines and valves. | Average cost to repair: $100+
  2. Busted faucets and toilets. | Average cost to repair: $500+
  3. Busted water pump. | Average cost to repair: $100+
  4. Water damage. | Average cost to repair: $1,000+
  5. Busted hot water heater. | Average cost to repair: $700+
  6. Busted fresh water tank. | Average cost to repair: $700+

That’s over $3,000 in damages that are completely avoidable by taking the time to winterize your trailer or motorhome. As they say, better safe than sorry.

With our Trailers of the East Coast Basic Winterization Package Special Offer, winterizing your unit will take less time and less money.

When it comes to winterization, Trailers of the East Coast makes sure it’s done and makes sure it’s done right. Let us ensure that you will be back on the road when spring rolls around.

Winterization Packages Include:

  • Empty holding tanks
  • Drain fresh water tank
  • Drain and inspect hot water heater
  • Fill water system with antifreeze. (Up to 2 gallons of antifreeze is included.)
  • Includes a FREE 10-Point Inspection: (Inspect lights, battery, tires, brakes, jack, roof, etc.)

***There may be additional charges for washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, Aqua-Hot, and tankless water heaters. Ask about our pricing to include these items.

Save even more by bundling your winterization and de-winterization service work together. That means we will help you prep your trailer or motorhome for winter storage and help you get it ready for use in the spring.

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With over 50,000 square feet of Class A workspace, our drive-through service bays allow our 30+ expert service technicians to quickly and efficiently perform roof repairs, lift gate repairs, axle and wheel services, collision repairs, and much more. Trust Trailers of the East Coast with all your winterization, de-winterization, preventative maintenance, and repairs.