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Car, Motorcycle, and Cargo Trailers


Enclosed Car Trailers

They say the fastest way to get friends is to buy a car trailer. We hate to say it, but we agree. A quality-built enclosed car trailer will last a lifetime of towing your most prized possessions (for your friends, too!). Protect your passion with an enclosed car trailer. The safest way to transport vehicles of all shapes and sizes, delivering them safely and cleanly to your destination while keeping the odometer the same. With our models of lightweight and cost-effective enclosed car trailers, you never feel bad about putting miles on your trailer – it can take it, and many more.  

Enlcosed Car Trailers

Enclosed Stacker Trailers

Haul it all! Whether you need extra storage to pull behind your motorhome or you're headed to the next car show, you don’t have to leave any vehicles behind. With a lightweight, all-aluminum stacker, never be limited in how you travel. Bring all your modes of transportation with you, including cars, motorcycles, and golf carts. Our stackers come with a powerful internal lift with tilting ability for easy loading and unloading. You can only go UP from here!

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers

Sometimes the best rides are the ones worth traveling for. When you need to transport your bike to the start of those gorgeous, scenic miles, one of our motorcycle trailers is the best option. Our motorcycle trailer models are all built to specifically haul bikes with special grooves for holding the bike steady and several anchorage points as well as safety features for ease of loading and unloading.

Not to mention, the sense of security in storing your bike inside an enclosed trailer for overnights at various destinations and events provides added peace of mind.

Motorcycle Trailers
Open Car Trailer

Open Car Trailers

Show it off! An aluminum open car trailer is a lightweight, durable, economical choice for hauling vehicles of all types. With fender-to-fender width, it gives you a wider platform for loading and hauling your vehicles. Our open car trailer models are versatile and provide the smoothest towing experience.

EYB 7K Car Hauler

The excellent fuel efficiency and low maintenance requirements make the EBY 7K Car Hauler one of the best hauling solutions on the market. The model boasts a lightweight aluminum floor with a fully adjustable, easy-to-use ramp with slide-in storage capabilities. No matter what your needs are, the EYB 7K Hauler is a long-term investment you can depend on.

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Custom Options For Your Car Trailers

Sometimes, a standard model just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re purchasing a trailer for your vintage car or multiple motorcycles, we’re here to meet your hauling needs. Talk to us about customizing enclosed and open trailers to meet your unique preferences.


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