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In North Carolina, Trailers of the East Coast has become the leading custom trailer dealership. We offer competitive deals on high-quality models from the most popular brands, including inTech.

inTech Trailers are nationally recognized for their custom, all-aluminum models, designed to be strong, lightweight, and long-lasting. From motorsport trailers, fiber splicing trailers to custom industrial trailers, this brand offers everything you need for personal and industrial travel requirements.

Custom Motorsport Trailers We Offer

Lite Series

Lite Series Trailers

Lite Series Trailers

Designed for effortless towing, the Lite Series offers superior performance on every road trip. These lightweight trailer models are ideal for hauling smaller recreational vehicles.


Tag Trailers

Tag Trailers

With customizable features and sleek designs, inTech’s Tag Trailers offer a perfect blend of style and functionality for racing adventures and other motorsport activities.


Gooseneck Trailer

Gooseneck Trailers

inTech’s Gooseneck hitch design promotes enhanced maneuverability and control for transporting heavy motorsport loads during long journeys.

Stacker Tag

Stacker Tag Trailer

Stacker Tag Trailers

The Stacker Tag Motorsport Trailer is designed for transporting multiple vehicles at a time. With ample storage and customizable configurations, it caters to motorsports enthusiasts, car collectors, and businesses.

Stacker Gooseneck

Stacker Gooseneck Trailer

Stacker Gooseneck Trailers

Combining the benefits of a gooseneck hitch and a stacker design, these Stacker Gooseneck Trailers models offer unmatched versatility and performance. It’s the ultimate choice for professional haulers seeking premium functionality and durability.

Fiber Splicing Trailers We Offer




Engineered for telecommunications and network infrastructure maintenance, these vans offer mobile workspaces equipped with specialized equipment.

5x8 Trailers


5x8 Trailers

These lightweight 5x8 Trailers offer compact solutions for fiber optic splicing needs. The 5x8 trailer models are maneuverable and versatile, making them suitable for urban environments or small projects.

6x10 Trailers


6x10 Trailers

This 6x10 Trailer size is ideal for mid-sized splicing projects or teams that require slightly larger work areas, as well as adequate equipment and tool storage space.

7x12 Essentials


7x12 Essentials

Find comprehensive solutions for fiber optic technicians in 7x12 Trailers, from crucial amenities and equipment to a spacious and well-equipped workspace.

7x12 Trailers


7x12 Trailers

With a focus on functionality, this 7x12 Trailer delivers ample space and storage options for advanced projects and equipment. Technicians can work efficiently while maintaining high standards of connectivity.

8x12 Trailers


8x12 Trailers

This 8x12 Trailer model offers the ultimate solution for large-scale fiber optic projects, providing extensive workspace and storage capacity for complex splicing tasks and equipment.

Custom Industrial Trailers We Offer

inTech has engineered a range of industrial hauling trailers. From outdoor stage trailers to mobile command centers, inTech excels at crafting specialized solutions.

inTech’s mobile medical trailers and labs provide essential healthcare services on the go, ensuring access to quality care in remote emergencies. Each industrial trailer is meticulously designed and built to be durable, efficient, and innovative, helping organizations to thrive in all environments.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customization, inTech has redefined mobility and productivity across a spectrum of business types, which even includes oil rig and drilling support.


Stage Trailers


Mobile Command Centers


Mobile Labs


Mobile Medical Trailers

What Makes inTech Trailers Different

For years now, inTech has set the standard for customer service and all-aluminum trailer construction.


When you purchase inTech motorsport, fiber splicing, or industrial trailers, you’re supporting a manufacturer that…

Focuses heavily on quality throughout the production process
Ensures the absolute finest fit, finish, and attention to detail in the industry
Custom designs trailers to meet specific buyer requirements
Offers 20+ propriety extrusions and unique processes
Is never satisfied by just following the status quo

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When our family-owned business was founded 80+ years ago, we dedicated ourselves to providing top-tier customer care – and never sacrificing our core values. You can always trust Trailers of the East Coast to offer personalized, genuine attention.

If you’re in the market for a new trailer (for recreation or business), experience what makes us North Carolina’s top inTech trailer dealer.

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