What Sets Our Trailer Purchasing Process Apart

When it comes to trailer purchasing, you know you need a specialist who is an expert. Whether it’s a horse trailer, a motorhome or motorcoach, a toy hauler, a marketing trailer, or something totally custom, finding an expert product specialist is a must. But at Trailers of the East Coast, we believe that expert product specialists are just the bare minimum. Offering a product specialist is the least we can do!

We believe that the investment you’re making in your new trailer or motorhome deserves the best in care, service, and support, which is why Trailers of the East Coast offers a unique buying experience – from start to finish. Read on to find out what sets our purchasing process apart! 

You Can Trust First-Hand Experience

Our product specialists don’t just know about the products we sell; they actually own them. When you come into Trailers of the East Coast, you’ll meet with folks like Janna, our horse trailer product specialist, who has been using our Lakota trailers to haul her horses for years. (Watch our product specialist video to learn more and hear Janna's story.)


You Can Learn How to Use the Trailer

Driving a trailer off of a lot can be a big step, especially for first-time trailer buyers. We know that a vehicle of this size and cost can feel intimidating, which is why our trained product specialists will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable with your new trailer. Practicing hooking up your tow vehicle, driving around and backing up on the lot, and exploring additional features of your trailer are all part of our purchasing process. 


You Can Get Answers About Trailer Purchasing

When it comes to choosing a trailer or motorhome, there are a host of questions that need to be asked beyond finding which product to buy. Knowing about the specs for your tow vehicle, your needs, and plans, and even the kind of climate you plan to haul in are all questions our product specialists can ask and help answer with their average of 10+ years of experience. 

You Can Stay Overnight On-Site

We never want you to walk away without having all of the answers you need--and that is true even after your purchase. If you purchase a trailer with living quarters, we offer the opportunity to stay overnight at Trailers of the East Coast so you can test out how everything works.  If you have any questions, our product specialist is available first thing the next morning to assist you and give you the confidence to pull ahead!


You Can Breeze Through the Trailer Purchasing Process

From financing to extended protection, our Pull Ahead Promise is our guarantee that the purchasing process remains open, honest, and easy. Our Purchasing Care Team takes extra care to be straightforward and transparent throughout the process, not pushing you into uncomfortable financial packages or offering unnecessary warranties. Instead, our professional, relational team makes financing your purchase an exciting part of the process. You can learn more about the Pull Ahead Promise here!

No matter what trailer you choose, our purchasing process makes the transition from decision to driving off the lot simple and smooth!