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Plans to protect your investment.

We have an amazing partnership with American Guardian Warranty Services that allows us to provide our customers with affordable additional coverage options to protect their trailer or motorhome investment for years to come.

We have chosen to align ourselves with AGWS because of their positive and trusted reputation and passion for standing by their products. AGWS has been serving customers since 1998 and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, making them a trusted partner of ours.


Tire & Wheel Coverage

Keep yourself rolling with Compass RV Tire & Wheel Protection. Even if you service and protect your trailer as best as possible, the threat of tire blowouts still lingers. Don't risk stranding you, your family or even your livestock and horses on the side of the road with a flat tire. Remove the hassle and frustration with Compass RV Tire & Wheel protection.

Available from 12-84 months.


Trailer Coverage

Don't let costly service repairs effect your finances. Protect yourself and your trailer with Compass Trailer Coverage. Coverage includes brake system, suspension system, trailer jacks & landing gear, electrical, seals & gaskets, taxes/fluids/lubricants, and wear & tear.

New and used trailer plans with flexible coverage terms.

Available from 12-84 months.


RV Protection

The coverage to go on adventures! AGWS offers a full suite of coverage options for virtually every style of motorhome and towable.

Available from 12-84 months.

GAP Coverage

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) covers the difference between the amount you owe and the actual cash value of your vehicle. AGWS GAP includes coverage to waive the amount equal to the unpaid net balance less the actual cash value of the covered vehicle when deemed a total loss.

Available from 12-84 months.

Ask us about adding GAP coverage during your next visit.

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Additional coverage options to protect your investment

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