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At Trailers of the East Coast, we're excited to announce our new partnership with EBY TrailersAs the exclusive EBY dealer in North Carolina, we take great pride in introducing these state-of-the-art trailers to you – our valued customers. Our partnership with EBY is a big step towards expanding the range of trailers available to our customers. Now you can choose the trailer that perfectly suits your needs. 

So buckle up as we showcase the amazing features and diverse lineup of EBY trailers – all designed to deliver reliability, durability, and unmatched performance. But first, let's explore why we believe EBY is the perfect partner for Trailers of the East Coast. 


Why Eby Trailers is the perfect partner for us

At Trailers of the East Coast, nothing matters more to us than offering you top-quality products from the best trailer brands. We prioritize building strong relationships with trailer manufacturers we can trust, and carefully choose the brands we represent.  

That’s where EBY comes in. We’ve always admired EBY products, so when they became available in our territory, we didn’t hesitate. We know you’ll love the quality of their trailers and truck bodies as much as we do, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to their product line.  

Here are a few compelling reasons why we're excited about this partnership:  

1. Family Owned Business

EBY is a family-owned business rooted in strong family values – just like us. In fact, they’ve been proudly upholding a heritage of innovation for three generations. That's one generation more than us! 

2. Over 85 Years of Experience

Established in 1938, EBY has been a trusted provider of equipment and livestock trailers and truck bodies for over 85 years, building a legacy of reliability and expertise in the industry. 

3. Operating across North America

Operating across all of North America, EBY has established a solid presence and positive reputation with dealers and distributors across the continent. 

4. Superior Products

EBY’s expertly-crafted products feature superior structural integrity and a sleek appearance. They’re rust-free and resistant to scratches and dents, making them easy to clean and maintain.

5. They get the job done

With increased towing capacity, superior handling, and rapid braking, we trust that EBY products will improve your work efficiency and help you accomplish more tasks. 

16' Maverick LS BH

EBY trailer models you can find at Trailers of the East Coast:

We're proud to stock a wide range of trailers from EBY's impressive collection, including: 

Eby Livestock Trailers

EBY offers a range of top-tier livestock trailers tailored to meet your needs. Models we stock at TOTEC include:  

  • Maverick: The Maverick is an EBY best-seller featuring no interior wheel pockets, a sturdy aluminum bottom rail, and slip-resistant diamond plate flooring. It reflects EBY's legacy of quality and durability. Plus, customizable options and convenience packages are available. 
  • Maverick LS: Packed with many great features, The Maverick LS is a standard production model, ideal for those wanting a compact yet high-quality trailer. Available in Bumper Pull and Gooseneck styles with select options. 
  • Ruff Neck: EBY's Ruff Neck is favored by livestock haulers across North America. Engineered for outstanding durability (with customizable features), it offers exceptional hauling capability to help you get the job done. The Ruff Neck is perfect for both commercial transporters and show enthusiasts, setting the industry standard for dependability year after year. 
  • Wrangler: The Wrangler is EBY's versatile solution for when you need a bit more width than The Maverick but not the full length of The Ruff Neck. With widths of 7'6" and 8' available, Wrangler trailers capably handle dairy cows, draft horses, and other large-bodied animals. Designed for performance and longevity, The Wrangler promises to be a trusted companion for years. 

Eby Equipment Trailers

We’re also proud to offer a robust lineup of equipment trailers by EBY. These models are designed to cater to a variety of needs with exceptional features and unmatched durability.  

  • 14K Deck Over: A heavy-duty yet lightweight flatbed perfect for wider loads. Made of fuel-efficient, low-maintenance aluminum, this trailer is durable and long-lasting. Customize it with popular options like upgraded 8k axles, fold-flat ramps, a lockable toolbox, a spare tire, a winch, and more! 
  • 25K Gooseneck: EBY's all-aluminum marvel, weighing roughly 2,000 lbs, is a full ton lighter than comparable steel trailers. Crafted with the same fuel-efficient, low-maintenance aluminum found in all the brand's trailers, its design features 19" main beams, robust 50/50 ramps, hutch spring suspension, and more. 
  • 7K Car Hauler: This commercial-grade car hauler is designed to be as fuel-efficient and low-maintenance as all of EBY's aluminum trailers. It features a low deck, adjustable ramps, and removable fenders for years of reliable service. 

Eby 14K Dump Trailers

The EBY 14K Dump Trailer (CB14K) is a versatile hydraulic dump trailer with a greater payload than a steel trailer. This model is a heavy-duty, lightweight trailer ideal for handling bulk material and equipment. Constructed of fuel-efficient, low-maintenance aluminum, this CB14K is engineered to perform and built to last.  

Make it your own with a variety of popular additions like a mesh pull tarp, spare wheel and tire, or wireless remote. All in all, our partnership with EBY represents a significant leap in offering a diverse range of trailer options that align with your unique needs. The EBY brand is known for quality, durability, and performance, reflecting our commitment to providing the best to you – our valued customers. 


Find the Eby trailer that's perfect for you at Trailers of the East Coast!

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