Motorhome and Trailer Tips for Hurricane Weather

Motorhome and Trailer Tips for Hurricane Weather

As Hurricane season threatens the Carolinas and the East Coast each year, Trailers of the East Coast offers our customers these tips for attempting to protect your trailers and motorhomes.


  1. Move your trailer or motorhome to the safest area possible if you are unable to evaluate the region with your trailer. Avoid low areas that might flood as well as the soft or sandy ground. Park your trailer or motorhome close to a structure to shield it from the hurricane wind. Chock wheels on ALL trailers or motorhomes.
  2. On living quarter trailers and motorhomes, turn off electricity, gas, and water. Go to the main circuit board in your trailer and shut off the power. Detach any water or electrical hookups on the outside of the trailer. Close the valves on the trailer's propane tanks. Close any slideouts.
  3. For enclosed trailers, close all air vents and lock doors and windows.
  4. Add additional tie-downs and secure all awnings and outdoor features on your trailer. An awning that comes loose can cause severe damage to your trailer or motorhome in heavy winds.
  5. Options for attempting to secure trailers include land anchoring or loading the trailer with ballast. For all open utility or tag-along trailers, attempt to weigh or tie down the tongue.
  6. Place your auto and home insurance documents, vehicle registration, title, and other important documents in a waterproof bag and keep them with you. Make sure your trailer or motorhome insurance is paid and up-to-date.


From all of us at Trailers of the East Coast, we offer our prayers and well wishes for safety to all those in the path of treacherous storms and hurricanes. Stay safe!

As always, should your trailer or motorhome suffer damage from a hurricane or of any kind, please contact Trailers of the East Coast for insurance quotes and repairs as soon as possible. We take pride in lessening the hassle and getting you back on the road as fast as possible.