Four Ways to Use Your ATC Toy Hauler

We get it. You don’t just want to hit the open road; you want to hit the open road and take your favorite “toys” with you! That’s where our state-of-the-art ATC Toy Haulers come in to provide the perfect way for you to get you (and your stuff) exactly where you need to go. But toy hauler campers aren’t just for “hauling toys.” In fact, our ATC Toy Haulers are versatile, lightweight, and sturdy, so they can be the right fit for a variety of uses.

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From Hauling to Racing

For many folks looking to take their toys to the track, an ATC Toy Hauler is the perfect solution. Whether you’re taking a motorcycle, motor bike, bicycle, or cart to the race track, you can carry your toys and stay comfortably at the site in your toy hauler. 

A Toy Hauler camper in a field ready to be loaded up.

From Hauling to Camping

Ready to take your toys into the great outdoors? With our ATC Toy Haulers, you’ll be able to enjoy time out in the wild – and take all your favorite toys with you. With sofas, tables, dinettes, and beds you can configure, as well as hook-ups for electricity and sewage, you can camp with ease. But if you’re looking to boondock or dry camp, we can hook you up with additional solar panels to make for a truly unplugged camping experience. 

An ATC Trailer sits in a campground.

From Hauling to Storing

Need to keep your toys safe for a bit during the off season? Your ATC Toy Hauler is the perfect storage solution. Constructed with fully integrated aluminum frames with no wood – your toy hauler will be protected against inevitable rot (even from some of those damp toys like paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes). They’re also fully welded with no fasteners, so nothing gets loose and lost over time. Best of all – they’re waterproof, meaning all of your toys will be protected from the elements. 


From Hauling to Living

Love your ATC Toy Hauler so much you want it to be your home sweet home? We can make that happen! With its lightweight aluminum body, composite wall panels (no wood to rot!), and one-piece aluminum roof – your ATC is ready to weather the storms of life with you. The investment is worth the peace of mind knowing your home on wheels is protecting your stuff and you. 

An ATC Toy Hauler Floor Plan

Trusted Dealer Since 2005

As one of the largest ATC Toy Hauler dealers in the country, our inventory is unbeatable. We’ve been a trusted ATC dealer since 2005, so we know exactly what questions you might have and what answers you’ll need to know before investing in your ATC Toy Hauler. Whether you want to come to take a look at a toy hauler in person, or you want your new toy hauler delivered to you – we’ve got your back so you can get back on the road.


Images sourced from ATC Trailers