Exclusive Partnership with Evolve Transporters


JUNE 29, 2023

Trailers of the East Coast Announces an exclusive Partnership with Evolve Transporters to Redefine Race Car Transporters and Transporter Services across the Southeast.

MOCKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA - Trailers of the East Coast, the leading provider of race transporter parts and service in North Carolina is excited to announce an Official Partnership and Support Facility with Evolve Transporters. This collaboration will elevate the race car transporter industry in North Carolina and the Southeast by introducing unparalleled services and a new line of cutting-edge race car transporters.

Trailers of the East Coast, known for its exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise, has joined forces with Evolve Transporters, a renowned manufacturer specializing in high-quality and innovative race car transporters. This collaboration will enable Trailers of the East Coast to offer professional race teams a dedicated product line of the highest quality transporters designed and manufactured by Evolve Transporters. Nine new transporters will be available for delivery beginning early 2024.

In addition, as an Evolve Transporter Support Facility, Trailers of the East Coast will provide parts and service for previous generations of High Tech Performance Transporters originally built in the Painesville Ohio facility, as well as parts, service, and warranty support for current Evolve Transporter models.

"We are thrilled to partner with Evolve Transporters and lead the way in transforming the race car transporter industry," said Bill Junker, President of Trailers of the East Coast. "This collaboration combines our outstanding reputation and extensive network with Evolve Transporters' expertise in manufacturing top-of-the-line race car transporters. Together, we will redefine excellence in race car transporter services."

Evolve Transporters has a strong track record in producing professional race car transporters, renowned for their innovation, quality, and reliability. Through this partnership, Trailers of the East Coast will leverage Evolve Transporters' manufacturing capabilities to offer its clients the most advanced race car transporters available in the market.

"We are proud to join forces with Trailers of the East Coast, a company that shares our commitment to delivering an exceptional client experience," stated Brad Kossow, CEO of Evolve Transporters. "By combining Trailers of the East Coast's service reputation with our manufacturing expertise, we will deliver on our promise of providing race teams with the highest quality, most innovative transporters, and incredible support throughout the ownership experience.”

The partnership between Trailers of the East Coast and Evolve Transporters will enable both companies to collaborate closely in the design, manufacturing, and delivery of race car transporters that exceed industry standards. Clients can expect first-class services and race car transporters featuring advanced technologies, and meticulous craftsmanship.

About Trailers of the East Coast: Trailers of the East Coast is a third-generation, family-owned specialized transportation dealership, serving guests from all over the world at their Mocksville, NC location. Trailers of the East Coast is the leading provider of race transporter services in North Carolina. For over 75 years, Trailers of the East Coast has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for high-end transporter solutions.

About Evolve Transporters: Evolve is a manufacturer of high-end transporters headquartered in Painesville Ohio with support facilities in Indianapolis IN. Their mission is to be the industry's most trusted and forward-thinking transporter manufacturer and service provider in the world for the most prestigious teams in motorsports.

For more information, please contact:

Trailers of the East Coast:

Name: Neil Tolbert

Phone: 336-751-2377

Email: [email protected]



Evolve Transporters:

Name: Lyndsay Kossow

Phone: 440-357-8964

Email: [email protected]