5 Safety Features To Look For In A Horse Trailer For Summer Trail Riding

As the summer season arrives, you're probably looking forward to trail rides with your horse. It's an exciting time, but remember, you and your horse’s safety and well-being should always be a top priority. That’s why choosing the right horse trailer with proper safety features is crucial. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which features are essential for keeping your horse secure and comfortable throughout the journey. This blog discusses five essential safety features when selecting a horse trailer. These features are important for protecting your horse and giving you peace of mind this summer. By the end of this blog, you'll be able to confidently select a tow vehicle and ensure the safety of both you and your horse.

5 horse trailer safety tips you should know this summer

Let's dive into our trailer safety checklist, where we'll guide you through essential safety precautions to ensure a fun and enjoyable summer.


1. Good ventilation

Proper ventilation is paramount for horse trailering, particularly during the hot summer. Good airflow within the trailer helps maintain a comfortable environment for the horses. It reduces the risk of overheating or respiratory issues caused by poor air quality. To ensure optimal ventilation, look for a horse trailer with sufficient windows, vents, or roof openings. These features allow fresh air to enter the trailer while expelling stale air, dust, and potentially harmful fumes. The placement and design of these ventilation sources should be strategically positioned to ensure a consistent flow of air throughout the trailer's interior.

2. Plenty of space and natural light

To ensure your horses' comfort during trailer transportation, it's essential to consider their size and space requirements. It's important to note that larger horses may require even more space to accommodate their size comfortably. When loading a horse into a trailer, they need enough room to spread their legs to maintain stability during travel. This wide stance of your horse's legs allows them to adjust their weight and balance themselves as the trailer moves. At the same time, creating an inviting, non-claustrophobic environment within the trailer can significantly contribute to your horse's comfort. One way to achieve this is by opting for a light-colored interior. A bright and airy interior color scheme can help create a sense of spaciousness and alleviate feelings of confinement for your horse.


3. Sturdy build

It's also crucial to prioritize the construction and durability of a horse trailer. Opting for a sturdy build ensures the trailer's structural integrity, allowing it to withstand bumps on the road and keep your horse tied safely. A horse trailer constructed from high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum offers excellent strength and resilience. In addition to the choice of materials, it's essential to consider the trailer's overall design and construction features. Look for reinforcements in critical areas like the frame, floor, and sidewalls. A well-designed trailer will have a sturdy chassis and cross members that provide support and stability.

4. Powerful braking system

Having a responsive and efficient braking system ensures ultimate safety when using a towing vehicle. A well-designed braking system provides better control, helps prevent accidents, and ensures a safe and smooth journey for all. When considering a horse trailer, consider prioritizing the correct size truck and braking system compatible with the appropriate size horse trailer. Whether it's electric or hydraulic brakes, braking systems play a vital role in ensuring the safety of both you and your horse. Remember, it’s also essential to regularly carry out horse trailer maintenance to ensure that brakes and other components are working effectively. Also, don't forget to include spare tires in your maintenance routine to prepare for any unexpected situations on your summer trail rides. 


5. Wide loading area

The loading and unloading process is a critical moment that requires careful attention. It's easy to pick up a bad and dangerous habit during this process. Thankfully, having the right equipment makes a huge difference. A horse trailer with a wide loading area allows easier access and keeps your horse straight and steady as they enter and exit the trailer. It greatly reduces the chances of your horse feeling cramped or hesitant, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. A wider loading area also gives you room to maneuver and guide your horse into the trailer. It provides better visibility and allows you to maintain a safe distance in the event of a horse fall. Overall, selecting a horse trailer with the proper safety features is paramount for a successful and worry-free summer trail riding experience with your horse. The five safety features discussed in this blog, including selecting a trailer with good ventilation, a sturdy build, and a powerful braking system, are essential safety considerations. 

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Check out the Full List of Features Below:

  • Carpeted Tack
  • Extruded Side Slat Horse Area
  • Drop Windows Head and Hip Side
  • Extra Load Lights and Taillights
  • Fans in Each Horse Stall
  • Electric Awning & LED Strip Lighting
  • Lighted Grab handle
  • Polished Nose Wrap
  • 3 burner Recessed Cook Top with Glass Cover
  • Convection Microwave Oven
  • Aluminium Enclosed Battery Box
  • 10 Gal. Hot Water Heater Gas/Electric
  • Escape Door w/Bauer Latch & Folding Step
  • Three-way Switch in LQ to Horse Area Lights
  • Ducted AC w/Thermostat
  • Additional Clearance Lights
  • Cabinet Door in Dinette Ends
  • Dream Dinette
  • Soft Touch Walls & Ceiling
  • All Hardwood Cabinets
  • Insulated Gooseneck Floor in Bed Area
  • Decorative Studs on Countertop Edge
  • Wood Refrigerator Panel
  • Good Year Tires & Aluminium Wheels
  • Stud Divider in the First Stall

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