What Sets Our Horse Trailers Apart

What Sets Our Horse Trailers Apart

When it comes to horse hauling, every horse owner knows what comes first: the horse. In fact, we encourage our customers to put the horse before the cart… or, in this case, the horse trailers. That’s why our product specialists always start with a few key questions before identifying the best fit trailer for the customer – and more importantly, their horses. 


We Know the Questions to Ask

We’ll start with how many horses you have, what their sizes and breeds are, and what kind of towing vehicle you plan to use. For the horse haulers who spend plenty of time on the road, we also offer horse trailers with living quarters, so you and your horses can travel with comfort and ease. 

We understand that for most horse owners, riding, showing, and competing with their horses is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we offer our Lakota horse trailer with Trailers of the East Coast's exclusive Platinum Package upgrade. We created this custom package to serve as the perfect addition to make your lifestyle livable for you and your equine friends. 


What our Platinum Package Offers:

Horse Trailer Additions

  • Extra ventilation in the horse area 
  • Additional drop-down windows
  • Fans in the horse area and each horse stall
  • Additional insulation to prevent condensation and promote cooling
  • Swing out blanket bars to allow saddle pads drying
  • Carpeted walls to prevent bridle hooks from scratching interior
  • Additional bower latch on escape door for easy access
  • Upgraded 14-ply Goodyear tires
  • Additional loading LED lights on rear and side

Living Quarters 

  • 10-gallon hot water heater
  • 3-burner recess cooktop
  • Convection oven
  • Additional electrical heat strip 

For Your Horse & Tack


Ventilation and Insulation for your Horse Trailer

Keep your horses cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Each Platinum Package includes upgraded ventilation with additional drop-down windows, fans in each horse stall, and insulation to keep your horse comfortable in any weather conditions. 

Blanket Bar and Carpet Walls for your Horse Tack

Take care of those damp saddle pads with our swing-out blanket bar that allows for drying out your tack. Additionally, the storage area has carpeted walls, to make sure that bridles, equipment, and your trailer stay in scratch-free condition. 

Additional Storage for your Trailer

Convert the first horse stall for extra storage with ease. With a Bauer latch on the escape door, you can access the horse area from inside your trailer, making access to equipment easier than ever.  

For You & Your Family

The interior of a horse trailer at Trailers of the East Coast.

Ten-Gallon Hot Water Heater in the Living Quarters

When crafting our Platinum Package, we know from first-hand experience all the necessities (and luxuries!) that a horse trailer owner could want on the road. After a long day at the show or on the trail, a hot shower is a luxury. Enjoy a longer shower thanks to our upgraded ten-gallon hot water heater.  

Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal

With kitchen upgrades in your horse trailer living quarter, you can use a three-burner recess cooktop to whip up something to eat on the road. The Platinum Package also includes a convection oven so you can bake and roast in your trailer while still saving space.

Added Electric Heat Strip to Keep You Comfortable

No matter what season you’re traveling through, our electric heat strip makes heating your temporary home easy. Whether you want to run your heat through propane or plug it into electricity at a campsite, our heat strip gives you the option to warm your horse trailer’s living quarters. 

Ready to ride off into the sunset in comfort and ease?

See all that we offer with our Lakota Platinum Package (available only at Trailers of the East Coast) in the video below and then contact a product specialist today to find the horse trailer that is right for you. 

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