Luxury on Wheels: 5 Best Lakota Horse Trailers With Living Quarters

Experience comfort at the rodeo or on the trails with Lakota, one of America’s leading trailer manufacturers. This company has over 200 years of experience building horse and stock trailers, including models that offer comfortable living quarters. Keep reading to learn about some of Lakota’s top living quarter horse trailers.

The Lakota Colt horse trailer comes equipped with everything you need to travel to your next equestrian show. Its lined, insulated horse area boasts the latest safety features while its human living quarters can make any owner feel at home on the road.

Lakota Colt

Meet the nation’s best-selling horse trailer - Lakota Charger. This all-aluminum model is loaded with features to keep both horses and their owners comfortable. This includes a spacious living space complete with all the best amenities of home.

Lakota Charger

At Trailers of the East Coast, we sell a range of custom living quarter horse trailers, including our exclusive Lakota Charger Platinum Package. This high-end option offers above-average comfort to both horses and their owners with plenty of additional features.

Lakota Charger: Platinum Package

Widely considered a “luxury” horse trailer, the Lakota Bighorn offers strong construction elements in a sleek new graphics package. Whether you’re transporting horses to a show or trailhead, this trailer offers all of the latest comfort and safety features.

Lakota Bighorn

Designed to meet the needs of farmers, ranchers, and all kinds of livestock owners, this aluminum livestock trailer is equipped with everything necessary for safe transport. Customers select it for a variety of reasons, including its beautiful interior package.

Charger Livestock Edition

Our team is happy to help you personalize your Lakota trailer to your specific needs and preferences. Talk to us about customizing… - Interior finishes - Exterior finishes - Sizes & different floor plans - Equestrian equipment - Sleeping and dining features - WiFi & radio connections - Entertainment features

Custom Options

Have questions? Ready to find the right Lakota Horse Trailer for your situation? Contact our specialists at Trailers of the East Coast. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

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