5 Tips for Getting the Most Money for Your Used Trailer

5 Tips for Getting the Most Money for Your Used Trailer

Like many industries, the trailer industry has seen its share of struggles as our world continues to navigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we begin 2021, new trailer inventory is sparse due to supply and demand, in addition, to supply shortages for our manufacturers and longer than normal build times.

So, what is the good news? The good news is that your used trailer is worth more than ever! With inventory low, dealers like ourselves are looking to purchase quality, used horse, car, stacker, cargo, and motorcycle trailers.

At Trailers of the East Coast, we are trusted buyers with no purchase necessary. However, we also have options for consigning or trading in your trailer on a new trailer.

Yes, you might get the most money for your trailer if you sell it to a private party, but you must consider the value of the time you will spend getting the trailer ready for sale, creating the ads, and, most importantly, showing your trailer to strangers.

We offer an easy, hassle-free way to sell your trailer. We will make you an offer and write you a check on the spot. We handle all title work and payoffs – stress-free. Our process is simplistic with no hidden fees. Not to mention, no interruptive buyer calls, answering endless messages, and showing your trailer to dead-end buyers.

We think you will find Trailers of the East Coast as the perfect option to sell your trailer. Below are five tips that we have found to be the best ways to get the most money for your trailer, whether you decide to sell it to a dealer or an individual:

1 - Wash your trailer

This one may go without saying, but you would be surprised what a good cleaning can do for the value of your trailer. Clean the inside and outside. This is also a good time to remove all personal items from your trailer.

2 - Fix it…or disclose it.

Minor wear and tear on your used trailer are normal. However, if your trailer has mechanical or cosmetic issues, you need to address those either by getting them fixed or simply pointing them out to a buyer. As a dealership with a team of talented technicians in our Service Department, we have the ability to repair those faults cost-effectively, but it’s always best to be upfront and honest about issues.

3 - Demonstrate your care for your trailer.

The only thing better than a used trailer right now is a gently used trailer that has been well maintained. If you have detailed service records for your trailer or have serviced the trailer yourself, be sure to point that out. Also, be sure to mention if you have stored your trailer indoors as this can tremendously lengthen the life and condition of your trailer.

4 - Show it off.

Once your trailer is ready for sale, be sure to take good pictures and even videos. This can be done easily and quickly on your cell phone and can make a huge difference. We always encourage our customers to bring their trailer to us for a full appraisal of its worth. But, sometimes, that is not always possible and good pictures/videos are necessary. Be sure to show any cosmetic damages or mechanical issues.

5 - Determine the market value.

Don’t forget, shopping your trailer to a dealer like Trailers of the East Coast costs nothing - it’s free. So, before exhausting time and resources into trying to sell your trailer on your own, at least consider starting the conversation with us. Don’t tell everyone this secret, but it is also a great way to determine your trailer’s real value on the wholesale market. Shh!

If you would like more information about selling your used trailer, please contact us.


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