ATC Pro Commercial & Experiential Trailers to Make Your Job Easier

Sometimes to make a job possible, you need a space that’s portable.  With a variety of specialty trailers that are customizable, our commercial and experiential trailers make a job that requires a venue on wheels smooth and simple. From a mobile command center to merchandise vending, these commercial trailers are designed for productivity and efficiency.

On-Site Command Center | Mobile Office Trailers

Duke Energy Mobile Command Center

For civic entities, colleges and universities, health clinics, and more – sometimes you need to mobilize a team of people to set up shop on-site. For these temporary working environments that need to be moved from place to place, or housed in one location temporarily, our ATC mobile office trailers will make your workspace easy and efficient. With everything from a refrigerator to a whiteboard, your on-site command center keeps the crew on task wherever they’re working. 

Onsite Fiber Splicing | Fiber Optic Trailers


Laying fiber optic cables continues to increase in demand, and the needs of the workforce are ever-changing. The ATC fiber optic splicing trailers we offer are guaranteed for durability and safety. Made of lightweight aluminum, they won’t rot, crack, or rust. The standard heating and cooling keep the crew comfortable in any weather. State-of-the-art LED lighting in this commercial trailer ensures you have the visibility you need for maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Mobile Marketing & Events | Stage Experiential Trailers

Bud LIght Stage

Need to set up a small stage for live music, a master of ceremonies, an awards presentation, or a pop-up marketing event? The ATC Stage experiential trailer is the perfect way to pull off a seamless event.

The 16 ft. drop-down stage with viewing rail provides additional protection and clearance for your on-stage acts or presentations. Integrated lighting, storage cabinets, ramps, an awning, a walk-on roof, and more features will ensure your next event is a success.

Vending and Merchandise Selling | Vending Trailers

Vending concession trailer
interior of ATC vending trailer for concessions
vending trailer with counter

Whether you’re selling t-shirts for your school or university, selling merch for a concert or show, or distributing your own product at a local pop-up event, the ATC Vending Trailer is your mobile store on the go. Make merch sales simpler, thanks to these commercial and experiential trailers that provide a quick spot to meet customers. 

The concession doors with integrated lighting are the ideal height for a service counter making it the perfect vending trailer for the sale of food and merchandise. Other features like a walk-on roof, aluminum cabinets, and front and side backers to mount a TV or spare tire, make this trailer fully capable of meeting your vending trailer needs.

Customizable Solutions | Gooseneck Shell Trailers

gooseneck trailer
icebox commercial trailer

Sometimes your need for commercial and experiential trailers requires an out-of-the-box solution. We've been delivering custom solutions for various industries for over 70 years. We understand that your business is custom and you need a trailer designed specifically for your needs.

We are pleased to offer the ATC Pro 300G Commercial Gooseneck Shell trailer. It is made for configuration so you can design a layout that works for your mobile needs. Available in three different sizes and prepped for multiple options, this trailer is ideal for command centers, mobile offices, vending, and more.

Commercial and Experiential Trailers for Every Need

As one of the largest ATC dealers in the country, our inventory is unbeatable. We’ve been a trusted ATC dealer since 2005, so we know exactly what questions you might have and what answers you’ll need to know before investing in your commercial or experiential trailer.

Even if you don't see what you need for your mobile site solution in our inventory, our team of product specialists can take your needs and find a customizable trailer solution that fits you. We work closely with ATC to provide real customer data to determine the most popular pre-configurations for specialty trailer specs. We listen to your needs and then recommend the trailer type and size that will help you get the job done. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Trailers of the East Coast!