3 Ways to Extend the Life of Tires for Trailers

3 Ways to Extend the Life of Tires for Trailers

This is our third and final installment on trailer tire selection, care, and maintenance. The first installment on trailer tires covered the Difference between ST Tires, LT Tires, and Passenger Car Tires. The second installment on trailer tires covered GVWR, GVAR, and load capacity. In this final installment, we cover steps you can take to extend the life of your trailer tires and to ensure safety on the road.


Keeping a close eye on your trailer tire air pressure is essential to keeping your trailer properly maintained. Properly inflated tires for trailers save gas, last longer, run cooler, and reduce the risk of trailer sway, thereby improving safety on the road.

  • Use an accurate air pressure gauge
  • Inflation should be checked when tires are cold
  • Check inside duals as well as outside tires
  • Do NOT bleed air from hot tires
  • All tires on an axle should have the same inflation pressure


Storing your trailer requires special attention to your tires in order to avoid problems like dry-rot, cracked sidewalls, and flat spots.

  • Thoroughly clean the tires with soap and water before storing the trailer for long periods
  • Unload the trailer so that the minimum weight is on the tires
  • If possible, store the trailer in a cool, dry storage area out of direct sunlight or UV rays. If it is not possible to store the trailer in a covered or shaded area, consider covering the tires to protect them from the sun
  • Place the trailer on blocks to remove the weight from the tires. If the trailer can not be put on blocks, make sure the storage surface is firm, clean, well-drained, and reasonably level. Even using a piece of plywood between the tire and the wet ground can help if the trailer is not on a paved surface
  • Move the trailer at least every three months to help prevent cracking and flat-spotting, but avoid moving it during extremely cold weather
  • Adjust tire inflation before putting the vehicle back into service


Perform a pre-trip safety check before each trip when towing your trailer. Consider downloading a copy of our Pre-Departure Trailering Safety Checklist to print and keep with your trailer.

  • Keep tires inflated to the maximum PSI recommended for your trailer
  • Don’t overload your trailer tires; the maximum load is listed on the tire sidewall
  • Give tires a visual check before each trip, looking for uneven wear or major abrasions, punctures, bulges, dry-rot, cords, or metal showing
  • Always be prepared for a flat; always carry a jack appropriate for your trailer, a lug-nut wrench that matches your trailer wheels, and a properly inflated spare tire
  • As always, feel free to contact us with any questions. From all of us at Trailers of the East Coast, happy trailering!